Fellingham's Restaurant - Where Good Sports Meet

17 Cameron Street
Southampton Village
Long Island, NY

(631) 283-9417






Esquire Magazine

Fellingham's, Southampton, New York

You're having: A Bud

There is money in this town. Celebrities driving $100,000 cars and eating $34 lobster rolls. But hook a left off North Main Street and about a mile from the beach, you'll find the bar that shouldn't be. It was built in 1830 as a carriage house, then became a meat market, then a sandwich shop, then a law office. The wood is dark and the beams original. Where the meat was once butchered and legal advice once doled out is now a large, weathered, L-shaped bar. Softball-league plaques and frayed sports photos paper the walls, along with a chalkboard of daily seafood specials. Inside are locals, families, a guy who will order and consume two martinis in the time it takes most bartenders to make one. Bars like this aren't supposed to exist anymore. Especially not here. 17 Cameron Street; 631-283-9674

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